CEO’s & Business Owners Professional Certificate

CEOs & Business Owners Professional Certificate

This is a highly specialized programme carved out for business owners and CEOs to meet their specific industry needs. Business owners tend to be careful shoppers. They protect their money and want more for less. They want to know how much your product or service costs, whether it can help them save money on their operations and production costs, and whether the savings justifies the price they will have to pay.

At IALLS, business owners are given practical hands on business solutions to maximize profit and mitigate risk and losses.


Entry requirements

Each participant must be an active professional in any industry, a Business Owner or a Manager of any company.



This programme is customised to ensure flexibility in the participants’ time constraints. The programmes runs on request from participants.


Course Fees

The fees for the programme will be determined after discussions with the participant(s) to know the extent of the training required. Note that fees will include breakfast, lunch and study materials.



If you are interested in this programme please call our academic office on 056 092 8542/ 020 936 2602 or email at / Visit our website at or “Like” our Facebook page @iallsGH for regular updates.